Internal factors that cause skin to age

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Internal factors that cause skin to age.

Some factors are natural and cannot be avoided. The work of skin cells will gradually occur. Slower and progressively deteriorated in efficiency It’s no different from how other systems work. in the body as we age.

blood circulation that brings important nutrients and oxygen to nourish skin cells. When it deteriorates, the facial skin will lose what we call a “red glow” that is often found in the skin of children or young adults. Heredity important factor that determines how each person’s skin will change as they age. climb Each person’s race and skin type play a different role in wrinkles and sagging skin. Sensitive skin tends to wrinkle before normal skin. Asian skin, on the other hand, may develop wrinkles and uneven color more slowly. As for dryness caused by aging, in some cases it may be related to genetics. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

External factors that cause the skin to age

Various external factors That affects the speed of aging or sagging skin is caused by the formation of free radicals in the skin. Normally, free radicals in the skin can be eliminated by antioxidants that the body naturally produces. But as we get older The body can produce less antioxidants. The result is skin cells that are damaged by external factors such as

Sunlight and UV rays in sunlight are the main factors that cause free radicals in skin cells, causing dark spots in the skin, sun spots, freckles, uneven skin tone, dullness, not bright,

pollution , especially girls who live in big cities, pollution. Various things cause free radicals in the skin,

cigarettes , nicotine and other chemicals. In cigarettes, it causes the quality of collagen in the skin to deteriorate.

Eating Choosing foods that contain antioxidants such as Some vegetables and fruits. It is an important aid in helping skin cells fight against free radicals that occur.

Ignoring skin care Skin that not properly cared. For tends to show signs of aging more quickly. Cleansing your face with products. That are appropriate for your skin type and nourishing your skin with quality products. That have approved by dermatologists can help delay or resolve skin problems. In addition, using sunscreen every day is a great help in preventing wrinkles.