5 tips to get rid of durian smell in the car

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durian festival like this People who like to eat durian for life It would be hard to resist when you see a beautiful bunch of durian. Especially the popular varieties like “Mhon Thong” that must be bought to put in the car to go home normally. But has anyone ever had a problem buying durian into the car and the smell stuck in the car? Today, Tonkit360 volunteered to help find  a secret to deodorize durian in the car easily.

5 tips to get rid of durian smell in the car

1. Park the car in the sun and open the door.

First Basic Basic If you find the smell of durian that is very powerful The first thing you should do is open all windows or car doors. with trunk lid Park your car in the sun to let the outside air flow. and help to blow the smell from the picture inside to the outside This is the best way. However, you need at least half a day.


2. Drive a car with the external air circulation system open.

Another method that many people may overlook. and never even paid attention to it. with the button located on the dial of the air conditioner in your car That is, the button to turn on the external air circulation system into the car. which usually when we drive in the city Almost all cars are equipped with an internal air circulation system. to reduce the smell of pollution on the road from the outside


However, if your car has already been affected by the smell of durian. Driving with the air conditioning on and the outside air circulating system running is absolutely necessary. Most importantly, the fan should be turned on as strong as possible to dislodge the air and lingering odors in the car. Including the two rear windows should be slightly ajar while the car is running. to help release the smell from the car as well

3. Air freshener Help but not recommended

Many people may choose to use perfume or air freshener to deodorize. This may be effective to some extent in the early stages. But in the long term, it was found that maybe The smell of perfume, which is a synthetic substance, when mixed with unpleasant odors in the car, especially the smell of durian May make the smell in your car worse than before. Therefore, in this case it is not recommended to use air fresheners to get rid of the durian smell.


4. Coffee grounds – tea leaves – pandan leaves can help you.

Have you ever wondered when we get in a taxi? and found a bouquet of pandan leaves in the console area behind the car That’s how natural works. Because pandan leaves have properties that can absorb unwanted odors. Most importantly, the soft fragrance from pandanus leaves. It also helps you to freshen up as well.


There are also many other ways. use of coffee grounds Including charcoal for rice and tea bags, it is another option that can be used to reduce unpleasant odors. by simply bringing any such object Put in a perforated plastic bag or box. leave it in the car both inside the cabin and trunk It can help alleviate the smell quite a bit.

5. Interior cleaning with ozone drying


final solution If the unpleasant smell is not gone You may need to rely on the ozone baking process. At present, there are general services in leading car care stores. In addition, if the smell persists in the car for several days. You may need to invest in removing all of the carpet in your car. Including cleaning upholstery because the smell will stick to the carpet and upholstery Especially if it’s a cloth seat as well. Guaranteed big work for sure.

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