Check 7 warning signs your body deteriorates faster than usual.

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Girls, have you ever noticed that His body began to have many abnormalities. Although still in the youth Today we will invite girls to check 7 warning signs that the body deteriorates faster than usual. which tells me that various signals All must have happened to all women, one or the other. especially in working age Let’s see if there are any signs.

1. get tired easily

Have you ever felt that your body gets tired easily? Although in the past, able to carry heavy things. Or go up and down many stairs comfortably. Which symptoms are easy to get tired at girls feeling abnormal from before It is also considered one of the warning signs that the body deteriorates faster than usual as well.

2. Weakness

when the body begins to deteriorate faster than usual. Stamina will recede. However, you can observe yourself from the moment you open the cap of the water bottle or open the cap of the jam bottle. Including the strength to twist the bottle cap. Or lifting several kilograms of heavy objects is significantly reduced. More importantly, it often comes with strange muscle aches as well.

3. Uneven skin tone

If girls notice that their skin is starting to have uneven skin tone. and the skin is not as bright as usual That is also one of the warning signs that the body deteriorates faster than usual as well. This is because uneven skin tone is a warning sign indicating abnormal liver function. Makes the excretion of waste within the body not as good as before In addition, some people may experience other abnormalities such as weight loss or swelling. which if there are symptoms like this Should see a doctor immediately to receive the correct diagnosis and further treatment.

4. Frequently bruised skin

Problems with frequent bruised skin It is a warning sign that the body deteriorates faster than usual as well. because the skin cells start to deteriorate cause frequent bruising It’s also difficult to recover.

5. Red eyes

but instead had red eyes and a tired look Most of them are warning signs that the body deteriorates faster than usual. Which is mainly caused by using too much eyes, especially girls who have to work in front of a computer or mobile phone for many hours in a row. There is a chance that the eye muscles will be tired. Including the capillaries of the eye to work too hard can cause chronic red eye symptoms

6. Irregular menstruation

Women are well aware of this. Periods can indicate the aging of the body. Because when you get older Female hormones will decrease. thus making menstruation irregular or sometimes it comes too much However, if the girls still not very old but have irregular menstrual problems That is considered a warning sign that the body is deteriorating faster than usual. This may be caused by premature hormonal fluctuations.

7. Insomnia

Insomnia It is a warning sign that the body is deteriorating faster than usual that is very noticeable. Compared to the previous sleeping habits, I felt that I was quite having trouble sleeping. Sometimes waking up in the middle of the night Went to bed and couldn’t sleep. It could be that these symptoms are indicative of cortisol insufficiency. or stress hormones are too much Which stress affects insomnia and causes the body to deteriorate faster than usual.

For girls who want to know if their bodies deteriorate faster than usual or not. It is recommended that you try to check all 7 symptoms that we have mentioned above. If any symptoms happen to yourself It is advisable to change behavior or see a doctor for further advice and treatment.