Check the warning signs of asthma in children.

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Asthma is not only found in adults. But young children are also at risk of developing the disease. Asthma in children is different from that in adults in terms of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, monitoring and observing the symptoms is important that every parent should pay attention to. Because young children can’t tell us. This article will bring you to know the causes, symptoms. And how to prevent asthma for your baby’s health and safety.

What is asthma ?

Asthma is caused by bronchial inflammation resulting in acute bronchial narrowing and increased sensitivity to stimuli. Cause the patient to cough Wheezing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, panting, etc. Children with asthma often begin to experience symptoms between the ages of 3-5 before school. long Therefore, parents should protect and observe the symptoms of the baby closely.

Cause l Congenital l Premature birth or low birth weight Infection with certain viruses, such as rhinovirus, obesity, hypersensitivity to airborne allergens such as dust mites, cockroaches, pollen, pets, etc., exposure to air pollution Including cigarette smoke Symptoms

how to prevent

  • Breastfeed from birth until at least 4 months of age to build immunity against respiratory infections.
  • control the environment Avoid exposure to asthma-causing stimulants. both allergens and air pollution
  • Take care of your health. eat a variety of food and exercise regularly

If your child has any of these symptoms including the risk of developing should undergo examination for diagnosis and treatment Although is a chronic disease if properly taken care of The patient can lead a normal life without any restrictions on activities and without the complications of the disease.

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