Grapes and their health benefits.

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Grapes are a type of creeping plant in the berry family. Rich in many nutrients. Including vitamin C and vitamin K. Contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties food.

Poor blood circulation :

Which causes swollen legs and varicose veins Many experts believe that diseases related to blood vessels or blood vessels can be a result of free radicals. And grapes are fruits rich in antioxidants. which may help or be beneficial to such symptoms Therefore, there was an experiment where women who worked and had to sit for long periods of time took grape seed extract or a placebo once and for 14 days, sitting for 6 hours. It was found that eating grape seed extract It has Proanthocyanidin. Which is the active ingredient. It is a factor that affects the prevention of leg swelling. A woman who is strong but Must sit still for significant periods of time ทางเข้า UFABET

Nourishes eyesight :

Grapes contain various nutrients and vitamins, including antioxidants that are beneficial to eyesight. There was an experiment using grape seed extract to treat nerve ganglion cells of the retina or retina (Retina Ganglion Cell). It was found that the death rate of nerve cells decreased. As a result of grape seed extract inhibiting Cell destruction from free radicals. But since it is still just an experiment in the laboratory. Therefore, further studies are need to more clearly confirm the effectiveness of grapes.