Barcelona start hunting Bernardo Winter Market.

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Barcelona will start hunting Bernardo Silva again in the January winter market. The Catalan giants have shown strong interest in Manchester City’s Portuguese midfielder. With European media reporting that Azulgrana attempted to contact City but failed.

However, Spanish publication Sport has revealed that. Barca are still relentless in their efforts and are ready to return to the hunt for Bernardo in January UFABET

The key factor is that Barcelona’s wage gap and financial situation have now improved a lot, after earlier reports revealed that Azulgrana’s wage ceiling was already in the green and La Liga. increased to 560 million euros

The 28-year-old is believed to be Xavi Hernandez’s main target for mid-season reinforcements. The Spanish media reports are confident that Barca will definitely hunt when the opportunity comes.

On the other hand, Barça has added a big team in the summer market. The club managed to bring in Robert Lewandowski, Rafinha, Franck Kessi, Hector Bellerin, Andreas Christensen, Jules. Günde and Marcos Alonso join the team.

Back in the past summer Barcelona were heavily rumored to want to snatch Bernardo to strengthen the army. But with many factors. including the financial liquidity problem of Chao Boonthum army Finally. This deal will not open.

In addition, the latest La Liga has announced that the team from Catalunya has a ceiling wage increased to 656.5 million euros, which is enough to grab Silva to join the team after they decided to use it. The economic lever has gone 4 times.