Nagelsmann admits the Tigers are not sharp

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Julian Nagelsmann, Bayern coach Munich admits that their team are not sharp and take good opportunities. Can only result in a draw in the past football match.

The Bayern Munich drew 2-2 at home to Stuttgart in the Bundesliga on Saturday. Giving Bayern three consecutive league games. With the reigning champions now 12 points from 6 games on the field.

“In the first 30 minutes we were not in great form. That’s what happens often after the Champions League games.” Nagelsmann said UFABET

“Then we played well in the 15 minutes and should have taken the lead, the first 15 minutes of the second half was good enough. We had enough chances to score the third goal, in the end Stuttgart took a lot of risks. We have a chance to counter. but lacking in quality

“It’s one of those classic shots when you let your opponents think they still have a way to survive in the game. And they got a draw from the penalty spot in stoppage time.

“Tomorrow (Sunday) we will train. Rehearsal on Monday Prepare and try to plan well before the game against Barcelona [in the Champions League].”

Because if “Southern Tigers” choose Nagelsmann Must be afraid as well that will lead the team to survive from the tigers, lions, rhinos and the top teams in Europe or not.

After the crystallization of Bayern’s board of directors. They have chosen young and energetic Nagelsmann as their new boss for the 2021-2022 season on a five-year contract.