pregnant mother How to control your weight properly?

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pregnant mother How to control your weight properly?

All pregnant mothers want their babies to be healthy and born strong and safe. Ideal body weight Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers search for useful things to nourish. Choose good food for your own health and your baby’s health.  But over-nourishing can result in rapid weight gain, causing some mothers to worry. So how many kilograms should a pregnant woman’s body weight increase each month to be good for herself and her baby? Report from

How much weight should a pregnant woman gain each month?

A pregnant mother may think that the more weight she adds, the bigger and stronger her baby will be. Some women gained nearly 20 kilograms of weight during pregnancy, while some mothers lost their appetite and couldn’t eat much, causing little weight gain, which was very worrying. Ideally, pregnant mothers should gain approximately 10-15 kilograms, or an average of approximately 12.5 kilograms, depending on the mother’s body mass index before pregnancy.

Each trimester of pregnancy will have a different amount of weight gain as follows.

  • During the first trimester, pregnancy lasts 1-3 months.  During the first trimester, most of the time, your weight will not increase. Or the weight may decrease because the baby is still very small and this is a period when the mother’s body adjusts. I have morning sickness, can’t eat much, can’t sleep. During this time, if my weight increases, it usually doesn’t exceed 2 kilograms.
  • During the 2nd trimester, the pregnancy is 4-6 months.  As soon as the 2nd trimester begins, morning sickness symptoms will begin to decrease. Food that was previously eaten less will begin to return to normal. Or some people, after morning sickness is over, eat many things and gradually gain weight. Increase approximately 1-1.5 kilograms per month. Total weight should increase in the second quarter by another 4-5 kilograms. 
  • During the 3rd trimester, pregnancy is 7-8 months.  During this period, the body shape will change significantly because the weight will increase approximately 2-2.5 kilograms. In the last month, the weight will increase more slowly or remain constant. But it will feel more uncomfortable because babies grow so fast. Both brain and body Including having a larger size causing some mothers to have less food In total during this period your body weight should increase by 5-6 kilograms.

How should you eat to maintain a standard body weight?

Pregnant mothers who are overweight You should not use fasting to lose weight because it will cause the baby to become malnourished and increase the risk of miscarriage. As for mothers who have gained little weight, they must take care of eating properly. How to control weight during pregnancy In order to get nutrients for the baby and their weight to be within the criteria, it can be done as follows.

Eat more food  

The average woman’s energy needs before pregnancy are 1,500 kilocalories/day. When pregnant, you should add approximately 300 kilocalories/day. To meet the needs of the body and the growth of the child. May be divided into 3 ladles of rice/meal, 4-5 tablespoons of meat/meal, 6-8 bites of fruit/meal, and should supplement with 2 boxes of skimmed or skimmed milk per day.

Eat frequently 

Pregnant mothers may not be able to eat as much as usual because their digestive system has changed and their stomach is squeezed. Instead of eating 2-3 large meals, you should divide your food into 5-6 small meals a day. This will allow your intestines to work more easily and absorb food better.

Eat to your fullest extent

Pregnant mothers should focus on protein foods in all 3 meals to help support the growth of their babies. and carbohydrates that provide energy for daily activities Supplement with vegetables and fruits that contain fiber, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day and choose to supplement with foods that contain enough vitamins and minerals, especially iron and calcium, which are necessary for the functioning of various parts of the body, helping to prevent Irritated, easily tired, and can also reduce complications during pregnancy.

eat natural food  You should eat natural food, such as fresh food that has undergone minimal cooking to retain its nutritional value. and should avoid canned food All types of fermented products

Avoid high-fat and high-sugar foods.  Greasy, fried foods and high-sugar foods are prohibited because the oils will cause the mother to gain weight beyond the prescribed limit. But the baby may not be fat as well. It also has a negative effect on the mother’s cardiovascular system.